This Freddie Mac Property Needs a Ton of Work!

Fannie Mae Nightmare

This property was clearly not going to be purchased by a retail buyer (home owner) in Broward County, FL.  It has a pitched and flat roof of which the flat roof needs total replacement.  The entire A/C system has to be reinstalled.  There was a plumbing issue in the Kitchen that may have been repaired but a big hole in the concrete needs to be filled in.  However, before that happens, more concrete needs to be disturbed to fix the improper plumbing of the laundry room washer.  The sudsy water is currently emptying into the back yard.  Oh, I forgot to mention that every single floor in the house needs to be added/replaced.  Oh yeah, and there are code violations.  The shed was installed without a permit and the side walkway is too close to the property line easement and will have to be remove.  Did I mention the ugly 70’s decor?  Check out the partially mirrored wall in the Dining Room and the paneling and pink carpet in the bedrooms.  Check out the BEFORE photos:

7933 Tropicana St, Miramar, FL 33023

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