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Did A Temporary Setback Cause You To Be In Pre-Foreclosure?

If you have missed several mortgage payments for temporary reasons (temporary job loss, short-term illness, death in the family, military obligation etc.) that have now been resolved, how do you get back on track? REINSTATEMENT You can ask your lender … Continue reading

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Focus On Your Goal

The more successful you become, the more “haters” will come forward.  Stay focused.  Ignore them and run your own race.  Don’t waste time engaging in battles that don’t matter.  Some people will never celebrate you.  Be kind and considerate to … Continue reading

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Lending Private Money to a Real Estate Investor (Short-term)

This is a property that Cash Home Buyers LLC (CHB) closed on at the end of August.  They are a small family owned company renovating a property that they purchased in a Short Sale.  Since CHB is a small company … Continue reading

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Invest in Real Estate Without Purchasing a Property

Where Do I Get the Money to Invest? You can use money you have in savings or a retirement account (IRA or 401K) to invest in real estate.  The money in the retirement account would have to be transferred to … Continue reading

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An Important Tip for Short Sale Buyers

Assuming you have already selected your property and the Lender has approved the short sale, there is one important thing that you, the Buyer, should do to protect yourself.  I recommend that you always hire a Real Estate Attorney to shadow the deal.  Most Lenders require the … Continue reading

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You Have To Learn To Be Good At Receiving

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Your Hard Work Will Be Rewarded

The path to a dream is paved with sacrifices and lined with determination. And though it has many stumbling blocks along the way and may go in more than one direction, it is traveled by belief and courage and conquered … Continue reading

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How do I choose the right Real Estate Agent?

The first thing to evaluate is the reason you need a real estate agent.  Are you selling, buying or investing?  It is possible that you may need more than one agent.  Although a real estate license generally allows an agent … Continue reading

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Be What You Are…

Be what you are, and become what you are capable of becoming. –Robert Louis Stevenson

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Your Relationships Are Your Key To Success!

  Life and happiness are about relationships with other people.  Typically you will find that the people that are the happiest in life have good relationships with their significant other, children, friends, employers or employees and coworkers.  There are two … Continue reading

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