840 Zinnia Lane – 4 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom / 2 Car Garage

Renovated Home in Plantation

840 Zinnia Lane in Plantation, FL

Look at the exterior changes that have been made!  Brand new windows have replaced the french doors with glass block to the right of the front door.  The front door has been changed out to a pretty door with glass.  Shutters have been added.  The home has been painted and new light fixtures have been installed.  What you can’t see is that the big ugly fence that surrounded the property and hid the home from passers by has been removed.  Now low lying plants form a new shrub barrier that defines the property.  At one time there was a large 15 foot hole in the front lawn.  The previous owners had a trampoline there.  It has been filled in and the entire lawn covered with new sod.  The landscaping and trees have been trimmed and new shrubs and flowers have been planted to add to the curb appeal.  This home was renovated by Cash Home Buyers LLC and financed by A-List Homes LLC.


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