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* We will provide a fair CASH offer within 24 hours
* No Broker / Realtor fees
* We pay ALL normal closing costs
* You don’t have to do a thing (no repairs or cleaning). We buy AS-IS Condition.
* YOU CHOOSE the closing date
* We will take care of all of the paperwork & guide the process
* We can help you relocate

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“Try not. Do or do not, there is no try.” — Yoda

Enough Said....

Enough Said….

It has been said that the most successful people in business make decisions quickly based on the information that they have at that moment.  This is especially true in the current real estate market.  If an investor takes too long to think about a deal, it will be gone.  Along the same lines, the speed of implementation will bring you great success as well.  If you think too much or wait too long to implement a plan, you can miss out on the greatest opportunities.  Some one else is right there ready to take action.  So, be confident and Do Your Best NOW!

In the current real estate market, the banks are holding thousands of properties that they have already foreclosed on in their portfolio or selling off the properties in bulk to hedge funds.  Prices are being driven up and inventory is low.  In addition, they are not negotiating much on the pre-foreclosures and short sales.  You must be knowledgeable about the pricing in the markets that you choose to work in.  There is little time for analysis.



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This South Florida Home Was Renovated and Sold Quickly!

This South Florida Home Sold In Less Than A Week!

Purchased 7/30/12  &  Sold 12/1/2012

This home was purchased for CASH from the seller, Freddie Mac, in horrible condition.  The code violations were remedied with the city and then the remodeling began.  A new flat roof,  a/c unit and duct work were installed.  Once the mechanicals were replaced the remodeling began.  Anything dated like paneling and mirrors were ripped out.  All new laminate flooring went in the formal areas, tile in the kitchen and laundry and carpet in the bedrooms.  In South Florida, renovated homes sell quickly especially with new kitchens and bathrooms.  In this house, one of the bathrooms was completely gutted.  The other was updated with a new tile surround and fixtures.  If the mechanicals (A/C, Hot water heater, electrical, plumbing) and big ticket items like the roof are new or like new and a home is remodeled, it will sell quickly at full price.  Just a coat of fresh paint is not going to get you a full price offer.  Check out the before and after photos.

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, we will make a CASH OFFER within hours.   If you are not earning a good rate of return on your retirement or savings accounts, we can help you with that too.  Just give us a call at 954 299-7770.



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Would you agree that the average person does not understand the stock market and even if they do, that world events and public sentiment towards the economy make it very volatile? Yet most people have their retirement funds in an IRA or 401(K) that invests in stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

There is a product available called a Self-Directed Retirement Account.  Mitt Romney has millions in his account.  You get to choose what you want to invest in.  Life Insurance and collectibles (like Art and antiques) are pretty much the only things off limits.  Like normal retirement accounts, the maximum you can contribute to an IRA or 401(K) is $17,000 per year and the assets inside the account grow tax deferred.

Invest in what you know or with someone you trust.  I invest my retirement money in distressed residential real estate in South Florida.  The first property that I purchased was a mildly distressed home.  I paid contractors to fix up the property then hired a property management company to manage the property as a rental.  The property was purchased and renovated for about $55,000 and I rent out the 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home for $850 per month ($10,200/year).  Let’s say property taxes, insurance, property management fees and repairs account for $4,000 annually.  I’m putting $6,200 into my account each year.  Not great but hey, it was my first IRA investment.  The big payoff will come when the market comes back (probably 10 years from the initial investment in 2010).  What I haven’t told you yet is that the property was a builder foreclosure.  It was brand new and never lived in.  To buy the land and build that home even in today’s market in South Florida would cost over $150,000.  So, when I sell the home, all of the proceeds go back into the retirement account tax deferred.  A Self-Directed Account is better used for investments that will have explosive growth.

If you have the expertise, you can buy one to two distressed properties each year, fix them and resell to a retail buyer in the same year.  If you don’t have the “know how” or desire to do that much work, you can lend your retirement funds to someone that is a real estate investor.  This is called Private Money Lending.  If you don’t know any real estate investors, you can lend indirectly through what is called a Hard Money Lender.  The Hard Money Lender connects you with the real estate investor and takes a commission in points.  Points are a percentage of the loan amount.  The investor then pays the interest on the loan directly to your Retirement Account.  The rates for these types of investments are 10 to 15% in general and the investment is secured by a lien in first position and a note.  In essence, your Retirement Account is the bank (lender).  It is my opinion that this is a safe investment.  You are lending on undervalued real estate that increases in value as soon as the renovations are made.

There are several companies out there that administer these Self-Directed Retirement Accounts.  I started out with Equity Trust.  There is also a product called a Checkbook IRA.  The checkbook feature is great if you are going to do many transactions.  Any of the Self-Directed accounts cost more to manage than a traditional IRA or 401(K) because they require more work and maintenance.

There is an organization that promotes Self-Directed investing.  Check it out along with the TODAY SHOW video.  Retirement Investing Trust Association

To be totally transparent, Finance and Real Estate is my area of expertise.  I studied this field at the University of Arizona and have experienced all facets of real estate in my personal life as a corporate relocation 7 times.  I have had my FL Realtor license since 2006 with a designation as a Certified Distressed Property Expert.  In addition, I have studied and coached with many experts in the field.  You must complete some type of due diligence when investing in real estate whether consulting with a Realtor who specializes in investment property or someone that you trust that has done this type of investing themselves.  You make money in real estate when you buy and recognize the profit when you sell.  Long term “Buy and Hold” investment properties should ALWAYS provide a positive cash flow and should not be based on speculation.

Because of time constraints with my family, I have been investing in Real Estate as a lender for three years.  In 2013, A-List Homes LLC will be purchasing and renovating properties in South Florida.  Please contact me if you are interested in South Florida real estate.



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Renovation Progress for 7933 Tropicana St in Miramar

The renovation is in progress.  In 3 weeks, the code violations have been remedied, a new flat roof and a/c system installed, and the plumbing problem fixed.  The kitchen and master bath shower have been gutted.  All of the 70’s paneling has been removed and new drywall installed or repairs done where possible.

Click here to see photos taken during the renovation.

See the previous post for the “Before” photos.


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This Freddie Mac Property Needs a Ton of Work!

Fannie Mae Nightmare

This property was clearly not going to be purchased by a retail buyer (home owner) in Broward County, FL.  It has a pitched and flat roof of which the flat roof needs total replacement.  The entire A/C system has to be reinstalled.  There was a plumbing issue in the Kitchen that may have been repaired but a big hole in the concrete needs to be filled in.  However, before that happens, more concrete needs to be disturbed to fix the improper plumbing of the laundry room washer.  The sudsy water is currently emptying into the back yard.  Oh, I forgot to mention that every single floor in the house needs to be added/replaced.  Oh yeah, and there are code violations.  The shed was installed without a permit and the side walkway is too close to the property line easement and will have to be remove.  Did I mention the ugly 70’s decor?  Check out the partially mirrored wall in the Dining Room and the paneling and pink carpet in the bedrooms.  Check out the BEFORE photos:

7933 Tropicana St, Miramar, FL 33023

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SOLD!!! 840 Zinnia Lane

840 Zinnia Lane in Plantation sold in mid October for $235,000.  We thought this Broward County home would sell between $225,000 and $250,000.  I think the odd shaped yard prevented us from getting the higher price.  In addition, because the renovation took longer than expected, we missed the peak season of family home buyers trying to get in before the Broward County school year started.  I think a few things could have been done better on the renovation so that the yard wouldn’t have been such a big deal.  Against my better judgment, we gave the “buyer to be” the choice of how to finish out the master bath because my partner and I disagreed on how it should be done.  I also believe that the closet doors should have been modernized and the backyard staged.  Sometimes these little changes could add thousands to the After Repair Market Value of the property.  We also didn’t negotiate too much on the price because the buyer was solid.  It was a conventional loan with 20% down and the people loved the house.  It was a win-win situation and we made a nice profit.

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Saturday, August 4th and Sunday, August 5th

1 P.M. to 4 P.M.

840 Zinnia Lane before the renovation

840 Zinnia Lane after the renovation

840 Zinnia Lane, Plantation, FL
Plantation Gardens Home










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840 Zinnia Lane – 4 Bedroom / 3 Bathroom / 2 Car Garage

Renovated Home in Plantation

840 Zinnia Lane in Plantation, FL

Look at the exterior changes that have been made!  Brand new windows have replaced the french doors with glass block to the right of the front door.  The front door has been changed out to a pretty door with glass.  Shutters have been added.  The home has been painted and new light fixtures have been installed.  What you can’t see is that the big ugly fence that surrounded the property and hid the home from passers by has been removed.  Now low lying plants form a new shrub barrier that defines the property.  At one time there was a large 15 foot hole in the front lawn.  The previous owners had a trampoline there.  It has been filled in and the entire lawn covered with new sod.  The landscaping and trees have been trimmed and new shrubs and flowers have been planted to add to the curb appeal.  This home was renovated by Cash Home Buyers LLC and financed by A-List Homes LLC.


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Soon To Be Remodeled Home in Plantation, FL

This home was purchased from the bank as a foreclosure.  It is currently a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with an illegal addition.  The addition cannot currently be accessed from the main house.  It was built as an efficiency apartment for additional income.  The two issues are that the addition was not done with permits and an efficiency apartment is not allowed in this residential neighborhood in Plantation, FL.

The investor that purchased the home (financed by my company) should not have a problem getting the addition approved.  The challenge is breaking through the wall in an appropriate spot to make it seem like the addition was supposed to be there all along.  An engineer has been hired to draw up the plans for submission to the City of Plantation.  If the city approves of the design, this home will be turned into a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a brand new kitchen and updated bathrooms.  This home also has a great laundry room, Florida room, and 2 car garage and will be over 2200 square feet when all is said and done.  The value of the home will increase substantially with the additional square footage and the renovation.  The key now is to get all of this done in a timely fashion.  We hope to have this home on the market in late Spring 2012 for $225,000 to $250,000.  Appraisals are always a challenge in this market.


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